Champion Ridge History

Located just east of Kingman, Kansas, the Champion Ridge farmstead and land were purchased in 1937 by R.J. Stucky, Dave’s grandfather. Dave’s dad, Martin, then established a grain and livestock operation. After milking cows in a hay barn during the 1940’s a “state of the art” dairy barn was built in 1951. A Holstein cow herd of 30-45 cows were milked until 1963 when the herd was sold. The dairy barn was then used primarily for storage.

In 2011 the idea of using the building as a bed and breakfast was birthed. Much of the design of the Inn was sketched on dinner napkins during meal times. Numerous local contractors, most being longtime friends, also contributed to the completion of the project. Many of the items used during the time the dairy was in operation are displayed and take you back to “how things used to be” in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The Country RV Park opened in 2015. It sits along the east edge of the Champion Ridge farmstead. It is bordered on the north by an established wind break and has a large native grass area on the south for recreational use.